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Natural treatment

Halotherapy or salt-therapy is a complementary, natural treatment. Using innovative techniques, the microclimate of underground salt mines is reproduced. The air in the Saltium salt chambers is filled with dry salt micro particles. A special generator with a sensor makes sure that the salt concentration remains constant. The 100% natural, salt based environment creates a sterile and clean ambiance.

Halotherapy is meant to alleviate and reduce respiratory and skin problems. Halotherapy can be performed when suffering from asthma, chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, COPD, eczema, acne, stress, depression and weight problems.

The effect of this safe, alternative treatment method is already recognised in many countries, but commonly accepted and scientifically proven everywhere. Therefore, visiting salt chambers offers no replacement of the regular health care. It can, however, be seen as an addition and supportive for the regular treatment. If any doubts arise, always consult your treating doctor or specialist. Also contact your health insurance for more clarity on any potential restitution.

Salt has many unique properties, such as the revitalising and purifying function on the skin and respiratory tract. Halotherapy is suitable for all ages upwards of six months. It is a natural alternative for the treatment and reduction of the following diseases.

Visiting salt chambers is beneficial for everyone who wants to limit the effects of pollution on their health, skin and respiratory tract to live long and healthy.

Diseases of the airways

Doctors have established that halotherapy alleviates respiratory diseases by widening the airways, kill bacteria and discharge mucus. The salt air cleans the respiratory tract and kills bacteria. The growth of new bacteria is slowed by the salt particles.

Are you suffering from COPD, asthma, bronchitis? Do you have respiratory problems as a result of allergies, colds or obstruction? Then a visit to Saltium could help you. After a few treatments in our salt chamber you can breathe normally again and the tightness of the chest is relieved.


Skin diseases

Anyone suffering from skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies and acne will notice that halotherapy improves the condition of the skin. Salt kills bacteria and mould and has an anti-inflammatory function. This alleviates and reduces the itches. Saltium offers two private salt chambers in which the treatment can be fitted perfectly for your personal needs.


Salt-therapy can help for patients with hay fever, irritated mucosa and skin allergies by reducing the nasal mucosa, widening the airways and killing bacteria. As salt has a sterile function, it removes allergens and cleans your body. After only a few visits to the salt chamber of Saltium, symptoms such as running eyes, sneezing and itching are noticeably reduced.

Ear diseases

Ear infections can be cured with visits to the salt chamber of Saltium. The surplus of mucus in the Eustachian tube – the cause of ear infections – is removed better and the chance of the recurrence of new infections is strongly reduced.


Do you want to improve your sports performance? This is possible using halotherapy in a salt chamber of Saltium. Regular visits to the salt chamber improve the lung function. As a result, the lung capacity is increased, which improves the endurance. Many professional athletes include halotherapy in their training program. They do not only relax in the salt chamber, but also train in this microclimate.


The toxins that have built up in the lungs are removed faster using halotherapy. Salt helps to prevent inflammations of the respiratory tract, cleans the lungs and helps the airways to function properly.

Halotherapy: beneficial for everybody

To reduce the effects of pollution on your health, skin and airways, visiting salt chambers is beneficial for everyone who wants to live long and healthy.